Hi! My name is Larissa and I’m currently sixteen years old. Get to know me better? Click on ‘Continue reading’!

I live in Swifterbant, which is nearby Lelystad (or Walibi, whatever you will know better). My mom and I live together, I have no brothers or sisters. Well, I got two stepbrothers, they names are Danny and Kevin. I don’t see them, so actually they’re not in my life. Even my father isn’t in my life, my parents divorced when I was one year old (no joke, my mom wanted to divorce on 30 /08/2001, my first birthday).

My hobbies are blogging about fashion, thinking about fashion and living like fashion. I like fashion a lot and shopping is not a bad thing to do. I also like photographing. You can drop me in the forest and I’m gone for like 3 hours and come back with more than 300 photo’s. Hint: if you do that, drop me there in fall, because my favorite season is fall and I love making photos when the leaves are on the ground.

When I was younger (I guess around six, I’ve learned writing then) I wrote a lot of stories. I could tell you about my life, but also about a lot of fantasies. I wrote a lot of notebooks completely full and wanted to write a book as the youngest writer of the Netherlands. That didn’t happen, but I still love writing and also still want to write a book in my life. So I chose this education because I want a job as Freelance Journaliste. I don’t like doing one thing at a time, so I really want to have more jobs and not only writing all day. Maybe doing something with photographing, fashion, blogging or on stage with DJ’s.

Know me a little better now? 🙂


Larissa de Vos

Larissa de Vos | 19 jaar | Mediaredactie-medewerker | Eigenschappen: Spontaan / Creatief / Perfectionistisch.

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